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The works listed below represent a large portion of the composer's catalogue.  Pieces are broken into categories of instrumental music (subdivided into solo/small ensemble and large ensemble works), music with voice (subdivided into chamber works and works for chorus/large ensemble) and music in the electronic medium (subdivided into fixed media pieces and pieces with performers.)  Pieces for performer and electronic media are listed in both the instrumental and electronic categories.  Several of the pieces have a recording that can be heard by clicking the link to the right of the piece's listing.  

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Click here for pieces published by and available for purchase through World Projects, Inc.

Large Ensemble (Wind Ensemble, Orchestra and Choir):

…and as these wings expand… ~ for chamber orchestra; 2012, circa 9’30”. Commissioned by the Rivers School Conservatory Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young.

A Light Exists in Spring for SATB choir; 2007, circa 4'30”. Text by Emily Dickinson (public domain). 

A Single Decade Rosary: Pater Nostre, Ave Maria, Gloria Patri. for three female soloists (SMA), five-voice female choir (SSMAA), children's choir and live signal processing; 2010, circa 8'30”. Commissioned by Lorelei Ensemble.

Contemplation No. 2 for full orchestra (winds in 3's); 2008, circa 5’.

New England Overture  ~ for mixed ensemble (fifteen players); 2008, circa 7’. 

Not but a seed ~ for SATB a capella choir; 2015, circa 5’00” ~ commissioned via World Projects, Inc. Text by composer. 

          Score and audio sample available from World Projects, Inc.  

PursuanceRoots, Progression, Suspension, Resolution ~ for string orchestra; 2002, circa 20'.      

Remembering the Many: a reflection on the atrocities of mass gun violence in our American public schools ~ for wind ensemble; 2018, circa 9’30 ~ commissioned via World Projects, Inc.                                

          Video of performance by Boston University Wind Ensemble

          Score, parts and audio sample available from World Projects, Inc.

Stand, March, RISE!! – in celebration of the January 2017 Women’s March ~ for full orchestra (winds in 3's); 2017, circa 5’00” ~  commissioned via World Projects, Inc. 

          Score, parts and audio sample available from World Projects, Inc.  

Sitting in the House of a Giant: in memoriam G.S. ~ for wind ensemble; 2016, circa 5’30” ~  commissioned via World Projects, Inc. 

          Score, parts and audio sample available from World Projects, Inc.  

Somewhere Between: Variations on a Theme by Lowell Mason  for big band, string orchestra and jazz choir; 2019, circa 20’00” ~ Commisioned by the Medfield Music Association via a generous grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. 

          Article about the commissioning of the piece.   

Three Baystate Water Viewsthe Cape Cod Bay at Provincetown, the Stockbridge Bowl at Tappan House, the Charles River at MIT ~ for string orchestra; 2014, circa 12’ ~ commissioned via World Projects, Inc. 

          Score, parts and audio sample avaialble from World Projects, Inc. 

Vladic Impressions for mixed wind ensemble 2002, circa 15’.

Solo and Small Ensemble:     

…and so then I threw the stone. ~ for trumpet and live electronics; 2012, circa 10'. 

3 Scenarios: Vehicular Juxtaposition, Pachadermus Fuguealis, Knee Deep ~ for brass quintet, circa 8'.  2008 

4X4  ~ for percussion quartet (four tom–toms); 2015, circa 9’. 

A Place I’ve Never Been  ~ for flute, violin and harp; 2012, circa 9’. 

A Portrait in Pertinacious  ~ for nine double basses; 2018, circa 8’30”. 

Americana No. 1 ~ fixed media electronics; 2002, 6'15”. 

Americana No. 2 ~ fixed media electronics; 2007, circa 4'30”.

          Stereo Mix  

Bacchusfor violin and fixed electronic media; 2004, circa 9’.

Contemplation No. 1 ~ for cello and piano; 2003, circa 6’.

          Live performance by Leland Ko and Vytas Baksys 

Cambridge à Go-go ~ for Pierrot ensemble with percussion (marimba and glockenspiel); 2017, circa 13’30”.   

Five Action Verbs: Flip, Walk, Sing, Hop, Thrash ~ for solo tuba; 2013, circa 10’.

Five Views from an Island  ~  for viola and piano; 2008, circa 11'.                                                                                                   

Gemini Structuresfor four-player percussion ensemble; 2011, circa 9'.

Ghost House ~ for mezzo-soprano and piano2001, circa 3'. Text by Robert Frost (public domain).  

One Hen – based on the the book One Hen by Katie Smith Milway ~ for wind quintet and narrator; 2011, circa 14’. Commisioned by Vento Chiaro, text used with permission of author.

           Video about the colloborative creation of the piece

Parallel Opposites ~ for electric violin, amplified piano and trap kit; 2000, circa 7’.

Pas de Trois for flute, bass trombone and percussion (vibraphone and three toms); 2010, circa 9'30 

/peel/for brass quintet; 2011, circa  8’. 

Poems Done on a Late Night CarChickens, Used Up, Home ~ for soprano and piano; 2009, circa 9’. Text by Carl Sandburg (public domain)

Postpartum: Conception, Contradiction, Conjunction ~ for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, cello and piano; 2002, circa 12’. 

Prelude, Canon and Fugue  ~ for string quartet; 2014, circa 12’.

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano: Allegro con fuoco, Adagio appassionata, Adante cantabile ~ 2002, 15’. 

Songs by a Drunk ~ ten short songs for mezzo-soprano and piano trio; 2001, circa 10’. Text by composer.   

String Quartet No. 1 ~ 2001, circa 7’. 

Standing in Seven Corners ~ for wind quintet; 2011, circa 14’. 

          Live performance by Vento Chiaro

Sweet Suite: All Amanda, Pass a Call to Lea, Sarah's Band, Can Anne?, Gigi ~ for flute and oboe; 2012, circa 7’ – commissioned for the River School Conservatory's 34th Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young

Tangled  ~ for solo piano and live signal processing; 2009, circa 10'30”. 

           Live performance by Jessie Lo

The Broken Bell ~ for soprano and string quartet2002, circa 3’. Text by Boudelaire (public domain).                                                                                                                                                           

The Junk Man ~ for baritone and piano; 2002, circa 3Text by Carl Sandburg (public domain). 

Thinking in Four Places – Southwestern Eastern Coast, A City in Two Worlds, Just 90 Miles South, Boroughs Blocks and Bridges ~ for saxophone quartet (SATB) and Interactive Digital Percussion; 2018, circa 15Commissioned by Pharos Saxophone Quartet. 

Three Shapes for Brian: Reuleaux Mirrors, Fractal Branches, Quantum Spiral  ~ for double bass and harp; 2020, circa 19’. 

twelve/fourteen/twenty-twelve – a reflection on the devastating events of that dayfor SSAA quartet; 2013, circa 9’. Text by composer.                                                                                                         

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