Standing in Seven Corners

     with a focused playfulness

     with a harsh sense of severity

     with a gusto of excitement

     with a flowing, crystalline constant

     with a feeling of timelessness

     with a forceful determination

     with an unstoppable sense of momentum

Notes on the piece:

Standing in Seven Corners is in a series of works that explore the variations model.  I view these pieces not as examples of theme and variations, but rather each deals with variations of a structural formal concept.  In this sense, the section presented first is just as much a variation of the concept as the other sections. 

The general impetus for Standing in Seven Corners was the idea of a single artist, painting a single object set in the center of a seven-cornered room.  Each variation represents the idea of “painting” this object from one of the seven individual corners.  Each corner will find the object cast in a different light and exposing and/or masking certain aspects of the object. 

Standing in Seven Corners was written for the April 2011 collaboration between the Boston Composers' Coalition and the wind quintet Vento Chiaro.

© Justin Casinghino 2013